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In the global marine industry A-Pace Group faces a period of massive economic and technological challenges. The industry continues to suffer from a weak global economy. At the same time, emission limits are set to tense in the coming years. In the context of these twin challenges, engine OEMs, ship owners, oil refiners, and bunker fuel suppliers all face difficult strategic decisions which will set the direction of the industry.

  • Measurement demand for marine lubricants by product type, region, and industry segment
  • Understand technologies being considered by the shipping industry to meet the emerging emission limits in terms of their costs and effectiveness and their impact on lubricant demand
  • Evaluate strengths and weaknesses of leading lubricant suppliers in terms of their products, global coverage, and end-user perceptions
  • Understand unmet needs of shipping companies and the key success factors for acquiring their business
  • Understand shipping industry trends, growth drivers, and restraints and their impact on lubricant demand
  • Understand opportunities and challenges for marine lubricant marketers