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Our widespread in-house technical support is on call to care in the event of any technical or product related inquiry or problem. All our bunker department staff are fully up-to-date with the operations and methods of bunkering and are well experienced to respond to matters as they occur, thus pointing to resolve problems before they become a crisis.   Familiarity with international developments in the area of fuel specifications is an essential part of the purchasing support we provide. Bunker trading is fast becoming the center of development within the bunker industry. It now contains the source of professional knowledge of both the oil industry and the fuelling needs of the world’s shipping. It embraces new marketing methods, including deployment of risk management through great advances in technology of the futures markets and communications.   We constantly attempt to stay at the cutting edge of this technology with services geared towards the new needs of the ship-owners and charterer. Our goal is to ensure that the momentum and flexibility of these services are sustained as conditions continue to change, particularly in international transport.